"When I first played CBGB the medium of the day was the Vinyl Long Playing Record.

At the height of the popularity of that medium, an artist would release two 15 minute sides, each with its own approach down. The 15 minute length lent itself to having time to listen to the intended flow of songs in its entirety when getting dressed in the morning or as you float off to sleep at night.

This CD is a tribute to the LP. We like to call it "Side 1."
It also is a tribute to CBGB, a club that welcomed original music and played a major role in the formation of the Bossa Nova Beatnik sound.

We are pleased to welcome two very special guests to this recording. Both are no strangers to the Bossa Nova Beatnik recording studios. Drew Zing brings his scorching Rock & Roll guitar to the likes of "You Took The Money." Drew recently played with Steely Dan on tour. Of course, those who know the Bossa Nova Beatniks, know the wonderful singing of Sparlha Swa. Sparlha has become a great recording artist in her own right. It is always exciting for us to welcome Sparlha to our recordings. Sparlha gets free on the reggae flavored "Shivraughn" and gets downright soulful on "I Do Love You." The Irish style of "141" will go right through you.

It has been an amazing year for the Bossa Nova Beatniks. Our Moonlit Bossa CD was released on 1/11/05. This CD is released on 11/11/05. The numbers are all. Tom