"Got Them Ray Guns" is a side project that became a release. Heather Matarazzo, star of "Welcome to the Dollhouse", asked us to back her up on stage for a punk rock performance. Beatniks George and Tom were joined by guitarist Mike Bifulco to complete the band they called 'Crash Course'. We had so much fun backing Heather that when she went back to making movies the core band continued to play together. With the success of our last CD, "Danger Bongo Crossing", we set out to make the sequel but thought it would be fun to do something completely different in between. We decided to do an album with this line up in the tradition of some of the great Rock Œnš Roll albums of the past. A kind of garage band approach in the classic guitar, bass, and drum ensemble. We rehearsed a bunch of songs, performed them once in a club, and recorded them the next day. All the drum tracks for the body of the album were recorded in one session; most of them in one take. No click tracks were used. When the minimal over dubs were finished we set up and recorded "Bad Little Baby", live, in one take and included it as a bonus track.

What happened next was most remarkable. We called our engineer friend, John Tabacco, to mix the tracks only to find that he had just entered into partnership with Bob Ball to form Sound Archeology. Bob has invented a new way of mastering recordings that widens the sound stage and adds depth to the recordings. He was able to put back the warmth and ambient sound lost in today's stark digital masters.
The Bossa Nova Beatniks' "Got Them Ray Guns" is the first outside project mastered through the Sound Archeology process from raw tracks. Though this process is not yet a year old, they have already remastered a Bob Marley collection and have had Keith Richards praising them for finally getting the guitar sound he has been waiting 35 years to hear on a recording.

We always knew the 21st Century would bring great new technological advances yet; who would have dreamed it would happen so soon.