Some fun sites...

Bossa Nova Beatniks' page on
Keep up to the minute with The BnBeatniks through Facebook

The Upper Room with Joe
The Upper Room with Joe Kelley is a radio show that has been on the air for over 20 years and now is broadcast on the Internet. Prince linked to Joe's site from his official website. The Beatniks have been guests many times performing live and debuting new music. Funky, cool show, and great guy.

SIRIUS/XM Satellite Radio

WERU FM from Maine
The first radio station on the planet to play the Bossa Nova Beatniks music thanks to Cathy Melio

Musicians whose paths have crossed with the Beatniks...
Sparlha Swa - Sometime Beatnik - simply beautiful voice & person

Jerry Dugger on Facebook
Beatnik Collaborator Jerry Dugger - big heart and soul

Fearless Dreamer
Pamela Fleming - Great Trumpet player, leader of Fearless Dreamer, and guest on B'n'Beatnik recordings

David Bowie
David Bowie - One of the coolest individuals on this or any planet

Robby Krieger
Robby Krieger - The Doors' Lead Guitar player & gentleman

K J Denhert
KJ Denhert - Tres soulful urban jazz great and wonderful person

Rachelle Garniez
Rachelle Garniez - One of the finest songwriter/performers on the planet

Tom Hosier
- Artist, musician, friend

Jessie Haynes
Jessie Haynes - a real sweet heart with a gift for melody

The Bluebeats
The Bluebeats - Rock Steady grooves and catchy tunes

The Scofflaws
The Scofflaws - Long time friends and collaborators

http://Chris Barron & the Time Bandits
Chris Barron - Lead Singer of the Spin Doctors doing the solo thing

Joe Rock
Joe Rock - One of Long Island's finest rockers and WBAB DJ. Very nice guy, too.

Weird Al
Weird Al Yankovic - This band lays down the funky stuff and the live show is hillarious!

Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell - An actor rather than musician. A very funny fellow.

Little Toby Walker
Little Toby Walker - Acoustic blues and Americana at its best
"The Center of the On-Line Funk Universe" played "I Stole Your Heart" from the Moon Unit Live CD on their radio. How cool is that?
Joe's Grille Boulder Colorado Played the Heart To Beat CD
Our friend and guitar builder Scott MacDonald

Some clubs we have played...

The Record Collector

The Bitter End

The Rudyard Kipling

CBGB - sadly it is now closed but, lives on in merch.