"Many years ago, T. Gould set out to have the most fun possible. He found that putting bands together and making music was the means to that end. The first band was called the Rhythm Bandits and debuted at Carnegie Recital Hall. The next band was called the Flyboys because Tom shares the same birthday as Charles Lindburgh and that the experience of forming a band in a garage and expecting it to fly was somewhat similar to the "Spirit of St. Louis."

This 6th Bossa Nova Beatnik CD entitled "Flyboy & the Rhythm Bandits," spans all three bands from the 1983 recording of "Always Be With Me" to "Feel The Love In New Jack City" recorded live at Oyster Bay High School in May of 2002. The George Harrison inspired "Melancholy Day" serves as a tribute to his memory as his sense of humor is in evidence as an inspiration throughout this project.

The Flyboys grew to become the Bossa Nova Beatniks, the name that has stuck to this day because it captures the band of gypsies approach and eclectic character that has come to define the philosophy of Gould's music.
Included on this disc is Cynthia Post singing "Let Me Out" and Jerry Dugger's cover of "Behave Yourself." Tom's cover of "Route 66" got the thumbs up from its writer, Bobby Troup. Half the songs on the disc have all new lyrics written to rhythm tracks recently unearthed. Notable guest stars on this disc include Drew Zing, who recently played with Steely Dan; Jono Manson, who released two CD's on A&M records under his own name and fathered the New York Scene responsible for the Spin Doctors and Blues Traveler; Danny Wilensky, who has played with Ray Charles and David Bowie; and Jim Beard, who played with Wayne Shorter and has released albums on Atlantic Records under his own name.

After all these years, making music still ranks as one of the most fun things to do.