"The Bossa Nova Beatniks’ CD, “Moonlit Bossa” is the first release of all new studio material since the “Danger Bongo Crossing” CD of 1998.

The official release date is January 11, 2005.

The name, Bossa Nova Beatnik, was given to us in 1991 and has stuck even though our music comes from a more eclectic broader base than the name suggests.

We have often struggled with the name and find ourselves explaining the experimental nature of Bossa Nova to the fans of Tom Jobim and the good people of Brazil in an effort to justify the barrier busting nature of our creative process.

However, when all is said and done, a band that calls themselves Bossa Nova Beatniks really should have two sounds on their CD. First, they should have a Bossa on the album. (a Samba would be nice). Also, to ground the Beatnik end, the CD should have a guy who can really play the Bongos.

Over four years in the making, The “Moonlit Bossa” CD delivers on both fronts and even includes a Samba. Tim Stapleton studied music in Miami in the land where Afro - Cuban music is a way of life. His bongo playing makes these recordings come to life and jump out of your speakers. Couple that with the rich and wonderful singing voice of Annie O’Hara and you will discover the finest and most soothing Bossa Nova Beatnik music to date. Of course, the CD still explores eclectic territory keeping alive the claim that the Bossa Nova Beatniks are one of the most unique and original bands in New York.

We hope you find the music engaging and entertaining.

Thanks for listening."